Anna ~ (hilian) wrote,
Anna ~

uncharted 4? yes,please.

 photo tumblr_mwainaiV3Y1rr7dyto7_500_zps87f79ebf.gif
Some chains can never be broken,
I lost fifteen years,
Buried alive, erased,
You left me rotting in that hellhole,
And never looked back,
But you can’t outrun the past,
And when it catches up,
When all your lies collapse around you,
I’ll be there,
Shifting through the wreckage,
You owe me.
 photo tumblr_mwainaiV3Y1rr7dyto3_250_zps0a5b7b03.gif photo tumblr_mwainaiV3Y1rr7dyto6_250_zpsfcfb1b3b.gif
 photo tumblr_mwainaiV3Y1rr7dyto5_250_zps50c7dfd1.gif photo tumblr_mwainaiV3Y1rr7dyto4_250_zpsf0902e16.gif
gifs are not mine but from this tumblr.

OMG OMG OMG! uncharted 4 is coming to ps4! I can't wait! -dies-
Tags: uncharted, videogames
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